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Voices for a sustainable Future has two main projects:

  • The Labor Network For Sustainability (LNS) is dedicated to engaging workers, trade unions, and their allies to support economic, social, and environmental sustainability; and to building bridges between working people and sustainability activists. LNS seeks to educate workers and the labor movement about sustainability issue, and to educate the sustainability movement about the interests of labor.
  • The CultureWorks Collective (CWC) is dedicated to integrating art and activism in ways that help unite and inspire people to achieve progressive change. Artists see the world through a different light, and we need that perspective integrated into decision making processes now more than ever.
  • The Strategic Action Center (SAC) is a consortium of researchers, strategists, and tacticians designed to assist progressive organizations with information gathering, strategy development, and tactical implementation. SAC is designed to assist progressive organizations with analytical needs and campaign needs. We will help gather facts, analyze power structures, and take action.